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Frequently asked questions

About us


Here you will find many answers to frequently asked questions about translations from the LUND Languages translation agency


Our prices depend on the type of translation and also on the respective language combination. We charge according to the number of words and in Germany also according to the number of so-called standard lines. Standard lines consist of 55 characters (letters and spaces). You can find a rough guide under ‘Prices’.

As we mainly work with translators in the countries where the language is spoken, the price is also based on the local cost of living.

Our clients normally receive an invoice after delivery of the translation, which they must pay within 14 days. For larger orders from new clients, a partial amount is to be paid in advance. Private clients who collect their translated documents from us in person can also pay in cash.

We will only provide you with a concrete quote once we have seen the text to be translated ourselves. This is the only way we can determine the level of complexity and the exact number of characters or words.

The prices provided on the website of the translation agency do not include VAT, as we often work with corporate clients. The statutory VAT therefore applies additionally. If you receive an individual quote from us in response to your translation enquiry, you will also have to add the VAT. This is always pointed out in our quotes. As a rule, this does not apply to corporate clients in other EU countries (reverse charge procedure) and companies in third countries.


As soon as we have received the document to be translated, we can usually provide you with an individual quote for a translation within one working day. If we receive your translation enquiry at the weekend or late in the afternoon, we will process it promptly on the next working day.

Even if it’s only a short text, it’s generally difficult to get your translation done on the same day. This is because translators are usually busy with other texts that also have to be delivered on time. The earlier we receive your request, the better we can deliver the translation on time.

It always depends on how long the text is and how many jobs our translators are currently working on. You are welcome to give us your desired date and we will let you know if we can deliver the translation by then. As a rule, we assume a translation volume of around 1,500 words per day. On top of that, there is the time for project organisation and proofreading.

Data exchange

There are generally many ways to send us your text. The easiest way is certainly to send it to us as an e-mail attachment or upload it via our secure contact form on our website. By special arrangement, it is possible to bring us a copy in person. Please note that we can work better and faster with editable files (e.g. text files) than with PDFs, for example, whose text cannot be edited.

You are welcome to bring or collect your documents in person. We are available for you on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. in our offices at the Sachsenring in Cologne. Please ensure that you give us a quick call beforehand.

We can provide you with an upload facility on our server for very large files. You can also deposit large files for us on your FTP server. There are also internet services that make it possible to exchange extensive texts (e.g.

You can receive your translation in the same way as you sent the source text to us. Either as an e-mail attachment (doc, docx, xlsx, txt, pptx, html, pdf and similar) or as a download from our server or as an upload to your server.

Of course we treat your data confidentially and will not pass them on to unauthorised third parties. Only our translators and the coordinating staff have access to your documents. We have also documented this confidentiality in our General Terms and Conditions (GTC).


In principle, we can translate all common languages and language combinations for you, as we work with a diverse network of professional native speakers. European official languages, American English and many Asian languages are no problem for us. But it’s also worth asking us about all other language combinations. Many of the languages we offer can be found under Services/Languages.

We work exclusively with qualified translators and native speakers. The translators are also familiar with the subject area you are enquiring about.


We have a lot of experience in translating websites. If possible, please send us the text of the website in editable form. For example, as a Word file.

If you only wish to have specific sections of your document translated, you must provide us with precise instructions on what should be translated. Then it’s no problem for us to limit ourselves to these sections.

We have been working closely with qualified graphic designers for many years. We would be pleased to take over the design or typesetting for your brochures, book projects and other print media.

Yes, we can also organise interpreting projects.

You are welcome to send us a request for translators of any language combination. We will try to provide you with a translator to work on the project in your organisation. The earlier you contact us, the greater the probability that our translators are still available for the desired period.

In principle, we can handle texts of all kinds through our network of professional translators. We even have experience in translating film scripts. We can handle specialist translations for industry and commerce just as competently as certified translations of certificates and application letters as well as general texts. Marketing, medicine, technology and law – we work with translators with knowledge in many fields.

We will be happy to translate websites, PowerPoint presentations or flyers for you in the format you require. As a translation agency and publishing house under one roof, we work with many graphic designers, typesetters and programmers who can handle even extensive projects competently and quickly.

We can. We have native-speaker proofreaders, not only for English.

Certified translation into German

Certified translations are required for certificates and documents. The certification confirms that the translated text corresponds to the original. Certifications are normally required for diplomas, birth, marriage or death certificates and many other official documents when they have to be presented to an authority.

If you want to have your document or certificate translated and the conformity of the translation with the original must be verified, then only sworn translators may work on it. We require the original or a certified copy from you. Our translators will prepare the document for you in the desired language. By means of a stamp, the translators certify the conformity of the text. You therefore do not need to request any further certification yourself. However, if you need the translation for an authority abroad, you should ask whether an apostille is required.

Yes, certified translations may only be prepared by sworn translators and are therefore more expensive. We generally charge 2.00 euros per standard line (55 characters) plus VAT for certified translations. This includes all costs, so there are no additional certification fees.

Certified translations may only be prepared by sworn translators.

We only certify documents that have been prepared by our own translators.

For translators

We are always pleased to have well-qualified translators. Send us your application documents with diplomas, sample translation and price expectations by e-mail. Please note that we have very strict selection criteria and require relevant professional experience.