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FAQ (en)

Here you can find answers to many frequently asked questions / FAQ about translation at LUND Languages.

Standard line

What is a standard line?

One standard line consists of 55 keystrokes, i.e. letters, punctuation marks and spaces. If you have created your text with a word processing program, you can automatically count the keystrokes. If you divide this value by 55 you then have the number of standard lines. In texts that are not in electronic form, you can only roughly estimate the value yourself. Continuous text on an A4 page almost always contains more than 55 keystrokes per line (depending upon the font size).

Do you calculate your prices per standard lines and word count of the source text or target text?

In most cases we take the standard line and word count from the source text we are presented with. This is the only way that we can make you a concrete offer before the text is translated. We only make calculations according to the target text when, for some reason, we cannot use the source text.

Is there a big difference between calculating according to the source language or the target language?

There are languages that use far fewer words than others. For instance, German is famous for creating sequences of words, something that is not common in many other languages. So the number of words can sometimes vary immensely. Here is an example of a German compound noun, which would consist of four or more words in other languages: Generalstaatsverordnetenversammlung [meetings of the legislature]


What does a LUND Languages translation cost?

Our prices depend on the type of translation, so we cannot give you any flat rate prices.

Why are some language combinations more expensive than others?

Since we chiefly work with translators living in the countries in which the language is spoken, the price also depends upon the living costs in that particular country.

How can I pay you?

After the delivery of the translation, our customers usually receive an invoice which is to be paid within 14 days. For larger contracts with new customers, part of the fee must be paid in advance. Private customers who collect their translated documents from us in person are asked to pay in cash.

Why can you not provide me with a flat rate price for a translation on the telephone?

We only make you a concrete offer when we have seen for ourselves the text for translation. Only then can we determine the level of difficulty and the exact character or word count.

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

The prices listed on our website do not contain VAT, as we often work with corporate clients. 19 % VAT is added to our translations. If you receive an individual offer from us in response to a translation enquiry, you need to add on the VAT. This is always pointed out in our offers.

Time Frame

When do I receive a non-binding offer for my translation enquiry?

As soon as we have the text for translation, we can provide you with an individual pricing for a translation within a few hours. If we receive a translation enquiry at the weekend or late in the afternoon, we will deal with it on the next working day.

I need the translation this evening. Can you do it?

Even if it is only a short text, it is usually difficult to get it translated on the same day. Translators are normally busy working on other texts that also have to be delivered to a deadline. The earlier we receive your enquiry, the better we can produce the translation to a deadline.

How long does it take for you to complete my translation?

It always depends upon how long the text is, and how many contracts our translators are already working on. We are happy for you to let us know your preferred delivery date and we will let you know whether we can deliver the translation on that date. We usually calculate according to a translation volume of approximately 2,000 words per day. Time for project organisation and proofreading has to be added on to this.

Data exchange

How can I send the text for translation to you?

There are generally many ways of sending us your text. Certainly the most simple method is to send it to us as an email attachment. Or you can also send us your document just as easily by fax or by post. It is also possible to drop off a copy in person. Please note that we can we can work better and more quickly with files that can be edited (e.g. text files) rather than PDFs, in which the text cannot be edited.

I live in Cologne. Can I bring the text for translation to you in person?

We are happy for you to drop off or collect your documents with us in person. We are in our offices on Cologne Sachsenring from 09:00 to 17:00 on Monday-Friday. It is best if you give us a quick ring in advance.

How can we exchange large quantities of text?

You can place large files for us on your FTP server. If you do not have your own FTP server, there are also free Internet services that enable the exchange of large texts (e.g.

How do I receive my translation from you?

You can receive your translation in the same way that you send the source text to us. Either as an email attachment (doc, xlsx, txt, ppt, html and similar) or as a printed document that we send to you.

Do you deal with my data in a confidential manner?

Of course we deal with your data confidentially and will not pass it on to unauthorised third parties. Only our translators and colleagues who coordinate the translations have access to your documents.


What languages can you translate for me?

We can basically translate all modern languages and language combinations, as we employ a diverse network of professional native speakers. Official European languages, American English and many Asian languages are no problem for us. It is also worth asking us about all other language combinations.

Do you work with native speakers and qualified translators?

We work exclusively with qualified translators and native speakers.


Can you also translate my homepage?

We have plenty of experience in translating homepages. For a price suggestion, it is best that you send not just the url, but also a sitemap, as this makes it easier for us to acquire the whole text and make you an individual offer.

Can you also just translate parts of my document?

If you only want individual sections of your document translated, then you must let us know precisely what needs to be translated. Then it is not a problem for us to limit our translation to these sections.

We would like to have our company brochures translated. Can you also take care of the typesetting?

As we come from the publishing sector we have been working hand in hand with qualified graphic designers for many years. We will gladly take on the coordination for your brochures, books and other print media.

Can you also provide me with an interpreter?

We only work with translators who deal with texts. Unfortunately we do not provide interpreters who translate speech.

Our firm needs a translator for approximately 10 days. Can you provide someone for us?

We are happy for you to send us a request for translators in any language combination. We will attempt to provide a translator who will work on a project with you in your company. The earlier you contact us, the better the chance that our translators will still have free capacity for the required period.

Do you also translate legal texts?

We can basically use our network of professional translators to work on texts of all kinds. We even have experience of translating film scripts. We can also competently deal with specialist translations for trade and industry, certified translations, certificates and application letters, and general texts. Marketing, medicine, technology and law – we employ translators with specialist knowledge in many sectors.

Can you translate our website and also set it into the correct layout?

We gladly translate websites, PowerPoint presentations or flyers that can then be delivered in the requested format. As a translation office and publishing house under one roof, we work with graphic designers, typesetters and programmers who can complete extensive projects competently and quickly.

Can I get you to copy edit a text that I have translated into English myself?

Generally we are a translation office and not editors. We therefore do not copy edit texts from private clients. However, we can offer this service for publishing houses and other companies.

Certified translations

When do I need a certified translation?

Certified translations are required for certificates and important documents. The certification states that the translated text is a faithful version of the original. Certifications are normally required for testimonies, birth/marriage/death certificates and many other official documents that have to be presented to the authorities.

How can I get a certified translation prepared?

If you want to have your document or certificate translated, and the correlation between the translation and the original has to be proven, then only certified translators can work on it. We need the original from you, or a certified copy. Our translators produce the document in the desired language. The translator proves the correlation of the text by means of a stamp. You therefore do not need to request any further certification. If you require the translation for an authority abroad, you should double check if an apostille is required.

Is a certified translation more expensive than a translation of other texts?

Yes, certified translations can only be carried out by state certified translators and are therefore more expensive. For certified translations we usually charge 2,00 Euro per standard line (55 keystrokes) plus VAT. This price includes all costs, so there are no extra certification charges.

Who can prepare a certified translation?

Certified translations can only be prepared by state certified translators.

Can you also certify texts that you have not translated yourselves?

We only certify documents that have been prepared by our own translators.

For translators

I am a translator. How can I apply to work with you?

We are always happy to hear from well qualified translators with various language combinations. Simply send us your application documents with references, sample translation and prices. We will then get in touch with you, if we need to.