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Holger Müller, partner and chief executive of LUND Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, has been active in the international language business since 1997. Amongst other activities, he worked as a product manager, managing editor and head of department at prestigious companies before he realised his long-held dream of becoming independent.


Introduction of the PLUNET BusinessManager software for project management. PLUNET BusinessManager is certified under DIN EN 15038 and supports the entire workflow of a translation project. It also allows clients and translators to log on to the system externally.


Registration of the translation agency with DIN CERTCO (reg. no. 7U354). We can provide translation services according to DIN EN 15038.


Extension of language services to currently 720 native translators working in more than 100 language combinations and continuing upward tendency


Continuing expansion of the client base, redesign of the website


Move from the first offices in the southern part of Cologne to a central location on Cologne’s Hohenstaufenring


Creation of the “LUND languages” translation agency as a service unit within the existing company


Gradual expansion of translation services to other branches of industry, trade and media. Acquisition of prestigious clients


Extensive translation and typesetting projects for publishing houses

9. Dezember 2004

Establishment of LUND Verlagsgesellschaft mbH by Mr Holger Müller as sole partner